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Natural Hair Tees

I am so enthusiastic in learning all about my hair and that everyone else is also excited about their hair, it seems to be a revolution in natural hair right now. It's probably been happening for years but I have only now jumped on board myself. To share how I feel and to fit in with fashion I feel motivated to flaunt the fact that hey my hair's great, I am proud of the texture and I can do so much with it and it's all natural. How better to do this than wearing a T shirt with images showing our natural hair and all things hair orientated for all to see, so I thought of some ideas based on our natural hair themes, expressions and so on and came up with a few designs.

COMING SOON check the News section to see when the T shirt is available to buy

My first natural hair T shirt design will be based on my logo! I will only be producing 25 of this first design so let me know if you are interested. I hope to produce many more as I have many design ideas but as I am just starting out I can only afford to produce one batch, then I hope to reinvest by producing many more.

When I start selling my T shirts I will feature the designs in my T shirt gallery see the first design idea in the gallery. I can't wait unitl the gallery is filled with a variety of designs hopefully to suit all tastes.

I hope you like them and would want to wear them. Check out the designs and email me if you are interested. I am in the process of buying a graphics tablet so I have sleek designs, worth the money!

Natural hair T Shirt designs to buy