Natural Hair T shirts

27/01/2013 19:08

There is a change of address! Please view my new blog, which will be updated regularly at This site will no longer be updated and will be removed soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience thank you for your support. 

Please check here for my first natural hair T shirt design. I will only be producing 25 of this first design so let me know if you are interested. I hope to produce many more as I have many design ideas but as I am just starting out I can only afford one batch, then I hope to reinvest by producing many more. I think it's so exciting to enjoy your natural hair whatever the texture and want to flaunt the fact with one of the most common pieces of clothing around, the 'T Shirt'.

When I start selling my T shirts I will feature the designs in my T shirt gallery and have a link that will go to my husbands online shop for you to buy quickly and easily (don't forget to check his shop, you might find a bargain).

I hope you like the first design. COMING SOON bear with me!

Email to let me know if you would like to buy one, but bear in mind I will only have 25 so first come first served!

At present I have created one design, based on my logo (seen in the header) and will be my signature T shirt. I have designed it but the artwork needs preparing properly to allow it to be printed cleanly and crisply because I would like to provide a quality product. I am waiting to buy a drawing tablet but my funds are low so that might be a little while. I have quite a lot of design ideas so I am planning on a continuing service with a variety of designs.

I have recently found a T shirt supplier who will also undertake the printing. So there are developments a foot!

Wohoo I have been able to buy my tablet finally, so now I can get drawing my designs in more detail, nearly there.

Please keep checking the news section to see when the first design will be available.