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Hair styles Gallery

In the gallery I would like to showcase natural hairstyles.

Any hairstyle using; rollers, curl formers, pin curls, perm rods, flexi rods, fro hawks, twists, afros.....etc.

Please send me your photos if you would like everyone to see what you are able to do with your hair and maybe inspire others to wear their hair in it's natural form. There are so many ways to wear curly, kinky, textured hair.

Let's inspire one another!

The gallery is virtually empty with my one and only worthwhile hairstyle, gracing the wall! I am terrible at hairstyles so please add your hairstyles to make this a gallery worth viewing.


This is a twist out on hair that has been hennaed. The henna gives the hair a reddish tinge when light is shining on it. I love henna!