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My Products page will inform you of the products I use and speak about in my blog. I currently buy these products and these are the places I purchase them from. you might want to give them a try. Please look at the other products for hair as you will find other products I have not mentioned, these might work for my hair but not for your hair so please experiment.

Above all things REMEMBER products do not make your hair grow by themselves you must employ good hair care methods as well

If you choose to buy from use this voucher number to get 10% off your 1st purchase, the code is: CIQ60

Aubreys Glycogen protein balancing conditioner floz

Aubreys Honeysuckle Rose conditioner for dry brittle hair

Avalon organics biotin thickening shampoo 100% organic

Avalon organics biotin thickening conditioner 100% organic

Beautiful curls shea butter curl activating cream

Giovanni Wellness system conditioner step 2

Giovanni 50:50 balanced hydrating-clarifying shampoo

Giovanni direct leave in weightless conditioner

Mane n Tail hair strengthener

You will find that you can get virtually all your hair and beauty products from and they will not contain parabens or sulphates or silicones for example type paraben free in the search box.

Coconut oil seller Fresh skin

Shea Butter seller Fresh skin

Avocado oil seller Fresh skin

Jojoba oil seller Fresh skin

Rosemary essential oil seller Fresh skin

Lavender essential oil seller Fresh skin

Tea tree essential oil seller Fresh skin

Hemp oil any Health food shop

If buying from Ebid you can choose which seller you think is most cost effective, Fresh skin is the one I have always used as I feel she is very reasonable. Remember my husbands online shop is based in Ebid check his deals!

Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly smooth conditioner Superdrug

Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisturising conditioner Superdrug

Henna BAQ (Body Art Quality) tripled sifted the best to get out of your hair but more expensive! from

Rainbow Henna Persian Medium Brown (chestnut) from

This is extra cheap and I buy it when I am not able to buy from henna-boy it takes longer to get the bits out of my hair unfortunately, but I feel it does the same job but it is not tripled sifted, that is why it has more bits in and takes longer to wash out of your hair.