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About Rosie T's Hair

Hello everyone and anyone who's remotely interested or obsessed with hair (like me), if you like long hair, no matter if it's natural afro textured curly and kinky (which mines is, but more kinky than curly!) Travel with me on my hair journey. I have dreamed for years to have long hair, I always thought afro hair could grow but did not actually see anyone with hair particularly long, as I grew up I still longed to have long hair. Someone had said to me my type of hair would not grow long because it was down to genetics, this challenged me in a positive way, I wanted to see if my hair would grow. I thought it strange that other nations hair could grow and that afro hair did grow long but as far as I could see only if it was in locks. I had no proof afro hair could grow without being in locks until I found a web site called years ago and the girl had waist length hair I was really surprised and pleased, the lady explained how she could never grow her hair past her shoulders but then did some research, read some books and hey presto she found information to help her hair to grow, she used extensions to encourage growth. So it's a good thing when you are challenged. My hair can grow even if it grows very slowly, it still grows and all those millimetres and centimetres add up over time!

I hope that I can say something useful to help someone with their hair in my blog. I have learnt sooo much from Google searches and many of the blogs, but especially YouTube over the years and found the journey phenomenal. I give a big megaphone shout out to many of my favourite YouTubers: (in order of inspiration) longhairdontcare2011, (my most favourite) Haircrush, (more currently) Naptural85, Mahoganycurls, Sistawithrealhair, Priceless love and Miss Rosie velt, AliciaJamesMusic channel I have recently found and last but not least UrbanBushbabes again just recently subsribed. I will often refer to them in my blog, please watch them and listen to their excellent information and see the proof of their beautiful long hair of all hair textures and types. I find that I watch certain videos for different things some for just hairstyles some for tips etc and they are great, so helpful and companions on the big, long, journey.

At present I am really frustrated because I am trying to see some hair growth but my hair appears to have come to a stand still. Maybe I've reached the terminal length for my hair not because I've got afro hair but that's just my hair length I live in hope anyway and will journey on. My hair is not very long,  it’s only armpit length (but I'm grateful I could have no hair). No I’ve not done a big chop as I have never had chemically processed hair, so I’m ashamed to say I have been natural all my life, but I’ve never had really long hair ever (it's only ever sat on my shoulders up until now having progressed to my armpit). I must admit I never knew how to look after it until I was at my wits end about 5 years ago when it was coming out in my hands any time I combed styled or washed it. I thought I’m going to end up with no hair! So my hair journey began.