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Hair History

My hair takes the longest time to grow these days, (could be age) so my journey is a very long one! I have tried so many things over the years mostly hairstyles like braids left in for ages because I am too lazy to style it. I then used to braid the braids together so they looked curly!  I thought it looked okay at the time. I have never had long hair but have always had natural hair; no chemical processes whatsoever so you would expect it to be long. No not mine, I never knew how to look after my natural hair and it has always broken off even if there was growth I never retained it. Up until 4 years ago my hair was still breaking off in clumps almost, I was getting really tired. I then started researching using Google, just reading lots of hair care sites for afro hair and started to find that my hair needed protein to strengthen it so I started using ‘mane and tale’ shampoo and conditioner, which actually made the strands stronger, I was so pleased. I still had breakage though but no way near as much, I couldn’t believe it (I’m not advocating Mane n Tail by the way but it helped at the time). I then came across an amazing website it was called which I revisited a while ago. This site has been updated over the years but when I viewed it 4 years ago the author showed a video of her natural hair and it was waist length. I had never seen our hair type that long in my whole life and I’m not a spring chicken! I couldn’t believe our hair could grow that long. I thought it would be possible but wasn’t able to prove it. Anyway I thought I better listen to everything she had to say,
one thing that I really took to heart was that we should wash our hair everyday to keep the scalp clean, which would encourage growth, so I did but unfortunately for me I used shampoo! So my hair did not thrive and carried on breaking off. I wanted to get the afro hair detangler but because I live in the UK they did and still do not have it shipped over from the US. I would still like to get hold of it, it sounded so good and it was reported to promote hair growth. (I would be grateful if anyone knows how to get that in the UK to let me know) I then gave up trying to buy it and just carried on researching and ended up using Tresemme shampoo (with silicones and sulfates) and conditioners and leave in conditioners, African Pride leave in conditioner was a favourite at the time and seemed to work but I still had breakage. I would not use these now from all the research I’ve done on silicones and sulfates but if they work for you don’t stop using them the same things cannot work for everyone. You might have heard the information concerning them but I will mention why I don’t use them later in another section.